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Webinar 103 - Taran / Genesis JW4 Dracarys Gen-12 SBS


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January 8th, 2024 @ 7:00pm Central
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Webinar 103 – Taran Tactical / Genesis JW4 Dracarys Gen-12 SBS (Jan 8, 2024)

Featured Item 1. Taran Tactical Innovations & Genesis Arms John Wick 4 Dracarys Gen-12 Short-Barreled Shotgun (MSRP $4,599.99)
(This is an NFA Item – All NFA Rules Apply)
Reservation Deadline January 7, 2024 @ 6:00pm Central
Seats Available 90
Minimum Participation At least 75 seats to hold webinar
Expected Duration 15 Minutes
Points Earned 118 points per seat

What we will cover in this session

For Webinar 103, we have a special item to review: the TTI / Genesis Arms Dracarys Gen-12 semi-auto 12 gauge short-barreled shotgun, as featured in John Wick 4.

NOTE: This is an NFA item, therefore it must be sent to an FFL that also has an SOT. You will need to complete ATF Form 4 at your FFL and wait for ATF approval before you can take possession. Please ensure that you can legally take ownership of this item and that it can be shipped your state (contact your FFL if you are unsure).

Date, Time & Location of Webinar

January 8th, 2024 at 7:00pm Central via Zoom Meetings. Link to the meeting will be sent beforehand via email/SMS.

NOTE: If all seats sell out before deadline, we may reschedule the webinar to take place earlier.

*If the minimum number of seats have not sold by deadline, webinar will be postponed and seats refunded.

Featured Item

The Gen 12 shotgun, combined with the Eotech EXPS3-1 red dot optic, provides an unmatched level of performance and reliability. This lethal duo has proven to be a game-changer on the battlefield, allowing John Wick to neutralize multiple adversaries effectively, no matter the circumstances.

The Gen 12 shotgun firepower is nothing short of impressive. The spread from its shotgun shells can tear through multiple adversaries with efficiency and precision. When John Wick was facing off against a group of villains or needed to breach and clear, this weapon truly showed its prowess, especially with the Dragon’s Breath rounds.

This brand new Genesis 12 Shotguns comes with a Genesis Arms padded range case, one 10 round magazine, and documentation.

The retail value of the Dracarys Gen-12 with Eotech EXPS3-1 that we’re sending to a randomly chosen lucky participant is $4,599.99!

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